Any activity, in which a company lacks internal expertise and confidentiality and requires an unbiased opinion on human resources, can be outsourced. An important reason why various businesses turn to outsource HR services is that they do not have the time or expertise to deal with the situation.

We aspire to be a model of excellence and leadership in human resources, emphasizing strategic and progressive HR practices, excellent customer focused service, employee growth and enrichment, and community. Although HR got a late start behind bookkeeping, customer support and other popular outsourced tasks, more and more companies are turning to third-party HR providers as a way to ease the administrative burden of day-to-day human resources responsibilities.

Many small to medium sized companies need their Human Resources department only from time to time. The solution is to outsource the HR needs to an expert third party when (and only when) there is a requirement for same, so why pay a full-time HR person a big salary for 12 months a year, when you can bring in an outsourced HR professional on a per project basis. The resulting savings can be huge - as you knock a salary (and the accompanying benefits and training costs) off the books.

Our initiatives include:

  • Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Reward & Recognition
  • We are the Only Talent Acquisition Company with an Independent Advisory Board made of Senior Professionals from the Industry
  • Job Evaluation & Skill Set Allocation
  • Compensation Balancing