Business Transformation Consultancy Services

We help organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Organizations may draw upon our services for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to specialized expertise.

We provide:

  • Startup Support to Exit Planning
  • Bankruptcy to Resurrection
  • GTM Services
  • Strategic Growth Support & Engagements
  • Representation of Brands

Consultancy Engagements

Our mentor Mr. Chandan Ghosh has turned around and achieved the following Results:

  • A USA Based Telecom Company was languishing and suffering Debts and Losses for more than 18 Months, in April 2012 the Chairman of the company flew to India met Chandan and requested help and shelter and support to Turn Around. Chandan started working on this company, by December 2012, the company was doing aggressive business, and by Mid 2013, had recovered its position, obtained funding as it came above Positive EBITDA, and now the company is doing very large volumes and revenues of Business.

  • A UK Based Telecom Company that was making losses of GBP 88,000 PM in October 2012, was brought to the level of Loss of GBP 28,000 in Feb 2013 and by April 2013 was Net Positive and making Profits and by August 2013 was one of the leading challengers in the Business.

  • Closer to Home, Chandan has adopted an IT Company, as a mentor in October 2013, whilst the company was at a brink of bankruptcy and the only path for to shut down the company, today, the MD of the company feels more confident of recovering the situation and has ventured into new initiatives, restructured the company, shelved non remunerative businesses and started nurturing higher result oriented businesses. This company is on its path of recovery, will start breaking even and become profitable within 6 months.

  • Another Company has been adopted by Chandan as its ward, It’s entire leadership team is being mentored and guided for market leadership, this company is very aggressive and aspires to be very large, Chandan is guiding this company to be a market leader in their field of operations. Chandan has relieved this company of its non- Mission Critical activities by outsourcing the HRM, and is helping the company by focusing on Performance and results and marking the position against its competitors in the Market.

  • The last employment of Chandan was with an emerging Telco, he started and led the Non-Mobile Business of this Telco, from inception, and grew this business, by creating a network, creating Teams, Building Relationships with its Partners. Finally he left this company after this business achieved INR 2,000 Crores in a 4 years period.

  • The Biggest Achievement of Chandan was with the Largest Private Telco of India, where he joined after leaving a MNC European Telco, as this Indian Company had acquired the newly issued license by the GoI to start International Telecom as this business was being liberalized and Chandan started this business as a Green Field Project, and in 5 years it achieved a Revenue turnover of INR 4,200 Crores which was US$ 1 Billion as a target that he had committed to the Company Management.